Verb can. English grammar for kids

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A variety of printable flashcards, posters, worksheets, games to learn, practise and revise the modals can and can't in English.

How the material is organised

The resources are organised by activity type. Each item listed below links to its own content page, where you will find materials to download and print, as well as previews and short descriptions.

You can also browse our there is / there are printbles in one place for quick access.

Guide to the resources

English verbs: flashcards

Sets of flashcards to help learn and teach the verb can in English. View resources »

English verbs: posters

Fun mini posters to introduce basic English grammar concepts and rules. View resources »

English verbs: worksheets

A variety of easy exercises to practise the modal verb can. View resources »

English verbs: classroom games

Easy to teach, fun to play in pairs or small groups grammar games for ESL kids. View resources »

Flashcards and posters to learn and teach the verb can.

Fun, challenging activities to practise the verb can in English.

Games to get your students excited about learning English.