English grammar for kids: present simple roll sentences games

how to play

This is a fun way to practise sentence building and writing. In the game players roll a dice twice to figure out which words to use, then build a silly sentence.

  • Roll a dice twice.
  • Using the numbers from each rolls, build a silly sentence (positive, negative or question forms). For example: 1-6: A dog never plays tennis on Monday..
  • Write your sentences using the recording sheet.


  • Print out a game board and a recording sheet. Laminate the board for future use.
  • Before playing the game revise or pre-teach the vocabulary used in the activity.
  • You will need one game board, one recording sheet and one dice for each player to play the game.

ideas for classroom games

  • Depending on your needs and goals, you can use our resources to play different games such as memory, matching or guessing games.
  • You are welcome to add your own ideas. For some suggestions, check out our 22 Flashcards Games handbook (pdf).

Flashcards and posters to teach present simple.

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