English grammar for kids: common and proper nouns games

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English nouns: classroom games

Domino game
It's a fun matching game for 2 - 4 players (or teams), very simple to play, designed to help kids learn English common and proper nouns, as well as remember when to use capital letters. View resources »

English nouns: grammar games

Loop game
It's a fun whole-class reaction exercise to practise common and proper nouns. In this loop game, there are no loosers or winners, and it doesn't have an end, so you should set up a specific time or number of rounds. View resources »

English nouns: games for ESL kids

Quiz game
This is a game for 2 - 4 players. Kids move along the game track that is made of both playing and wild cards. You can also use these cards in many different ways to play different grammar games. Here you will find our suggestions, plus extra printables that make the games more exciting. View resources »

To teach common and proper nouns and play grammar games.

Posters to present and teach common and proper nouns in English.

Fun, challenging activities to practise common and proper nouns in English.